The Valley Boys from Norway
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|| About Dalagutan
From left to right:
Jostein, Ivar, Atle and Bjørn.

-- Jostein Dønnem has been in the band since 1985, but has played guitar and bass in many bands from the late 60's and 70's. He is the guitar player in Dalagutan, and is from Surnadal. He took part in both of our U.S.A.-tours in 1989 and 1993, and also on our new 2014 tour.
-- Ivar Olav Rød is from Sunndal, a member in Dalagutan from 1997, and plays the bass guitar. He also played guitar and bass in many bands before, from the 1960's and up. Ivar is our only member with a pilot's license, he is even a microlight aircraft instructor, and a pilot with his own aircraft.
Our 2014 tour will be his first time to America.
-- Atle Aanesbug is originally from Aure, but now lives in Frei (by Kristiansund). After more than 13 years with the band, he has now a break from the band for a few years, before he comes back. He is our fiddle-player, but also plays keyboards. His hobby is collecting Larsen French cognac "Viking Ship" bottles, which comes in many annual and special colors and varieties. As these collector bottles of course are unopened, he finds little understanding for his hobby with the rest of the band. Sure, we buy brandy too, but we know how to open the bottles... Atle was with us on the 1993 U.S.A. tour, but officially joined the band in 1997. In 2014, the band went for another tour to USA, and Atle joined us for this tour
-- Bjørn Johny Holten from Surnadal has been with the band since the beginning in 1980. He is the accordeon-player, alternating as the bands drummer. While the rest of the band drive Japanese, Czhech (Skoda) and even Swedish (!) cars, Bjørn has a "real car" - a 1969 Ford Mustang convertible. He is the only musician we know of that has torn apart not one, but two accordeons in one night..
Although he has been in Dalagutan since 1980, our tour to Minnesota and Dakota in 2014 will be his first USA tour.